Partner B2B & B2C Booking Extranet
After logging in, hotels and agencies can book more than 2500 registered Hotels, Tours, Gulets, Caravans, Transfer from Dashboard b2b & b2c go to dashboard

About Minires
Minires is a cloud-based program that offers Artificial Intelligence Scoring, hotel reservation, online check-in, tours, yacht, caravan and transfer services in real-time B2C Bed Bank.
Existing Hotels and Creating New Hotels
After logging in, Hotels and agencies can add more than 2500 registered Hotels to portfolio or create a new hotel. go to hotels
You can add the existing hotels to your portfolio in the system or create your own portfolio directly. go to hotels
You can create a new hotel as B2B, only you can sell it. If you add hotel B2C, you and other travel agencies will also can sell its go to hotels
Room types, price plans
You are at the right place to create and manage rooms or to define the price you assign to rooms. go to rooms
You can add + 25% for each children who will stay in the rooms. 2+2 or 2+3
For Single Room - If 25% is entered PPx 1.5
PPx 2.7 if + 35% is entered for a Triple Room
PPx 3 if + 50% is entered for Family Room
go to rooms
You can enter the price plans in the system such as BB, HB, FB, AI, UAI and arrange the prices as - 10% NONREFUNDABLE.
Stop, Availability, Min Stay, Price Plans
Here is where Hotel and Agencies will manage all their operations. go to plans
Early booking discounts Promotions
Adjust your availability by booking early. go to campaigns
Operations dashboard for bookings
When the reservation is made, who added the product and the hotel or service owner can see the reservation. so everyone can see their own operation in the system. go to bookings
Add Tours, Transfer, Gulet-Yacht, Flight, Hotels or Caravan
We aim to make those serving the Travel Sector accessible under a single roof. go to activities
Our Online Hotel CheckIN project will be added to our system modularly as soon as possible.
Create Promotions for Hotels, Tours, Gulets, Transfers
Promotional codes are the key to regaining old guests go to promotions
Receive payments from your guests with 3D SMS with MiniPay
Receive payments from your guests in Turkey and abroad via TL, EURO, USD, POUND SMS. go to payment
Bring your logo and domain name to make your website in hours
call center number, the whatsapp, you can do all your SEO and site design via minires. go web design
The section where you can design your pages such as Home Page FAQ, KVKK, About Us, Contact
You're in Control. You can create all your pages from this section. go page design
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1 January, 2020 version 1.0